7 Essential Skills Of A Project Manager

The most important among the seven skills are the Organizational Skillset. A Project Manager is so much about being able to organize things with little to no difficulty. A Project following any type of Project Management methodology would have loads of tasks that are broken into manageable piece for achieving the penultimate goal. There are innumerable deliverables that have to be organized and filtered down to the team members. When the Project Manager is versatile planner and organizer of the broken down tasks then it is easier to manage the tasks. This, then makes organizational skills really important. A PMP Prep is an exercise that would lead to understanding the Project Manager’s skillset requirement and why it needs to be certified by Project Management Institute (PMI®)

The second most important skill would be Communication Skillset. It is not sufficient to have a vision and to be able to chart it out into various tasks, a Project Manager should be able to speak out clearly his vision to his team. The Communication skills are not only required in sharing thoughts and vision with the team; but it is also important for removing and building confidence with the stakeholders. The Project Manager goes between his team and his higher level management people who have invested their interest in the project. So it becomes all the more important that the Project Manager is able to satisfactorily converse with both his team and the stakeholders.

The third important skill would be Problem Solving Skillset. Every project has its own set of up and down. As Murphy’s Law which is almost an adage now, hints that if there is anything that can go wrong then it will go wrong. Even the most detailed planning of project has something that is overlooked which results in a spanner in the spinning wheel of the progressing project. A good Project Manager is able to think on his feet about what could be the possible solution to the suddenly appeared problem. Here is where the creative thinking ability of a Project Managers helps in bring out a Creative Problem Solving solution to the raised issue.

Fourth essential skill is Time Management which is as much about keeping the project on track and on time. A Project has various requirement that are time bound and needs to be met at the assigned time. Time Management is a skillset that would make the Project Manager more efficient in taking care of project related timeline needs. Sometime, a particular task might require gestation time before it can be begun again. A good Project Manager is able to use that waiting time with good planning and strategy. The skill of managing the project time ensures that the tasks are aligned in such a manner that it works seamlessly in project completion. This topic is covered in a PMP Exam Prep which leads to a Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification on clearing the PMP® Exam conducted by a globally recognized organization.

Fifth Skillset is being able to draw up a budget that would keep in mind the requirement of the project cost and overheads. So he must have a good Budgeting Skillset. The Project Manager is able to draft a Budget that is comprehensive and well thought out. He should also ensure that he completes the project within budget projection. The best way to be able to do that is to keep some buffer cash flow for the project. There might be times when a project is run on a shoestring budget and in that case it is essential that the financial resources are allocated properly with good judgment.

This skillset may seem rather odd and out of sequence but then it is most important. A Project Manager is as much a communicator as he has to be a good listener. Being a good listener is an excellent quality in any person but in a Project Manager, it is truly essential. When the Project Manager listens well then he/she is able to find out the client’s requirement for the project and at the same time be able to understand his/her team’s requirements. When both he/she listens to both actively then it is easy to take the right decision for the various task that must be accomplished for the project.

Finally, it is important that a Project Manager who is the Captain of the Project needs to be a compassionate Leader. It is not enough that he/she has the above skills and does not have a compassion towards his/her team members and stakeholders. During the high tide of a project progression even in a professional setting emotion runs high. Each team members have different set of requirement and being able to work with each of them becomes a talent by itself. A good Project Manager is able to handle his/her team based on the individual working requirement. A well settled team that works without any hitch in the project progress results in smooth closure of the project.

A good Project Manager having these essential skillsets is able to handle the challenges of the project and see it to its just completion.

Reading Tutor At Home Tips To Hiring The Right Guy

Kids grow up so soon these days. One day they are crawling out of the crib and the next thing you know, they are ready for starting their education. However much fun it may be to attend school, there will be many challenges that your child will have to face along the way. It all starts with creating the foundation upon which your child will later learn the intricacies of the world around him. The first few years in school generally set the base upon which your kid will begin comprehending the education being imparted to him/her. This, therefore is the most important time of his/her life.

One of the first lessons that a child is taught in these nascent years of his/her education is reading comprehension. To help your kid get a better hang of things, you can always hire a reading tutor who will give the extra attention that your child needs for grasping the concept. But finding the right person for the job isn’t easy. And even if you do find someone good enough, you will not want to get into a deal that isn’t worthy of the services being offered. Here are a few tips to help you hire the best reading tutor for your child.

• Look for recommendations. Word of mouth is the most trustworthy source of credible options to choose, no matter what it is you are looking for. Concerned parents will always offer you some great advice as to which tutor can help your child with his reading comprehension. Plus, if they have had any bad experiences with someone, you will be warned beforehand.
• Consult your child’s teachers at school. Being from the same industry, they will be able to offer you some good recommendations. Plus they are in constant touch with your child and therefore understand what his/her needs are. You can trust them to point you in the right direction.
• Many schools teachers also offer the services of reading tutorship for their students. Check if anyone in your child’s schools will provide some home-schooling to your child. You wouldn’t have to look too far!
• When getting into a contract with the tutor, don’t end up paying for long term services. Pay as you go and keep the option of cancelling the employment open. You do not want to be stuck with the wrong guy.
• Look for exclusivity. Generally reading tutors will offer their services to a number of students, sometimes together in a classroom environment and sometimes by providing home lessons. Exclusive tutoring of your child will provide him with the personal attention he/she was missing out on in his school.
• Ask if the tutor will be giving homework to your child. This will help you get involved in the tutoring process, keep an eye on your child’s progress and work with him/her towards better reading comprehension.

Easy Steps To Repair Uneven Floors – A Guide For Home owners

As a homeowner, there is a plethora of maintenance tasks that you need to do regularly in order to keep your home in good shape. One such task is fixing an uneven or sagging floor, which can be a real headache if you don’t know what to do. But fear not, as we have put together an easy guide to help you repair your uneven floors in no time! Read on to learn more.

Identify the Problem
The first step to repairing uneven floors is to identify the problem. Typically, unevenness in floors happens due to various reasons such as age, moisture, foundation issues, poor installation, and so on. Therefore, take your time to examine the floor and ascertain the cause of the problem. This action will help you decide on the appropriate repair method to use.

Fix the Subfloor
If the cause of the unevenness is due to a subfloor problem, the most effective way to repair the floor is by fixing the subfloor. Start by removing the damaged subfloor board(s), cut a new board to the same size as the removed one, and install it back using wood screws. However, if the issue is more complex, you may need to seek expert help.

Use Self-Leveling Compound
If you have a concrete floor that has become uneven over time, consider using a self-leveling compound. This material is typically a liquid mixture of cement and other substances that evenly settles over the floor’s surface, creating a smooth and even finish. To achieve the best results, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which typically involve determining the amount of compound you need to use, pouring it onto the floor, and allowing it to settle and dry as per the instructions.

Add Support Beams
If the uneven floor is due to a lack of support beams, you can install new ones to provide the necessary reinforcement. Start by elevating the sagging part of the floor using jacks, and then install new support beams using screws and a drill. Make sure to adjust the beams so that they conform to the correct height according to the level of your flooring.

Lastly, Replace the Flooring
After you have fixed the underlying problem, you may need to replace the flooring, depending on how damaged it is. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to install tiles, wooden, or carpeted floors. Remember to install the new flooring carefully, following the manufacturer’s instructions keenly.

In conclusion, fixing uneven floors is a task that can be done by any homeowner with basic handyman skills. The key is to identify the underlying problem, choose the correct repair method, and execute the repairs accurately. Doing so will ensure that you have a stable floor that will last for many years. However, if the problem persists, you may need to seek the help of professional floor repair services, like those at Straight Line Construction, to avoid further damage to your home.