Peak Climbing With Spectacular Everest Views

Trekking to the first base camp of Mount Everest is the most popular of trekking trips in the Himalayas. People really enjoy seeing where the world’s most adventurous climbers remain on their journey into the top of Earth’s greatest mountain. This trek starts in the Sherpa capital city of Khumbu and follows the Imja Khola lake into the base of Mount Everest. Along the way, you’ll pass through many small mountain villages where you can go through the Sherpa culture. The individuals here are believed by many to be one of the very hospitable and friendly, particularly to tourists. Island peak in Nepal is beyond Amazing and magnificently beautiful.Island peak climbing is a popular and busy peak climbing in the Everest region. it is the combined trip with Everest base camp trek.
From the mystical Namche, you may start your real trek towards the mighty Everest. This is going to be a tour at a high elevation with amazing Everest views from several vantage points with the most important Buddhist monastery at Tengboche, which you will reach after long two hours steep hike. Located at 3867m, this monastery is perched at the peak of the ridge and surrounded by a majestic forest of dwarf figs and rhododendrons. It presents itself in its best in the early hours, with a spellbinding sunrise at stunning yet mystical surroundings. Then you’ll follow the glacier all the way to next overnight stop and acclimatization break Lobuche village in the foot of the imperial Lobuche peak. Lobuche is the ideal vantage point for complete panorama views of Mt. Ama Dablam, Taweche along with many other spectacular peaks. The last stop on the Everest base camp trek is Gorak Shep, which can be hit by easy but strenuous high altitude rise.

Gorok Shep is the last post and also the gateway to Everest Base Camp. You can climb Kala Pathar notch dominating the village for a birds-eye view of the Everest Base Camp and also to descent to the Base camp to achieve your supreme goal, where you will end up at the foot of Khumbu Icefall a truly overwhelming opinion. It is tough trekking even in Nepal due to the high elevation. It fatigues you, makes your lungs cry out loud to get more oxygen till you get acclimatized but once you achieve the degree of acclimatization, you may feel a huge sense of satisfaction and a fantastic feeling of achievement worth the effort. Far from the bustling city, pollution and noise, you’ll discover peace and innocence here.

The direct opinions of the enormous Mt. Everest South confront will fill you with awe. For some this awesome feeling of this Everest Base Camp Trek to a true place so outstanding will inspire a return trip in some years alone or together with friends. Trekking back to Lukla could be also improving the experience of reliving the dip again in reverse order and cementing unforgettable memories and reliving the life-changing experience of Everest base camp trek.

The Khumbu area also offers Sagarmatha National Park; and while trekking to Everest Base Camp, you may need to increase through the park and access to Namche Bazaar. Adventures in Namche contain researching the village of Namche. It’s also referred to as the “Gateway to Everest”, and is an excellent settlement that offers the very first glimpses of Mount Everest and its neighboring peaks. The Sagarmatha National Park is a natural World Heritage Site that has a huge array of unique fauna and flora maintained within its perimeters. Trekking through the woods of the area into the Everest base camp, you may encounter different avifauna that occupies the acreage. The forest offers habitat to one hundred and eighteen species of creatures, such as Himalayan Monal, Blood pheasants, red-billed and yellow-billed choughs.

7 Interesting Facts about Video Marketing

It is a fact well known that anything that moves grabs more attention than the stationary. It is because whatever makes the mind curious catches attention the most. These days as the world is living its quarantined existence social media has become the go-to place for all age groups to find respite from the closed walls. Each time we scroll through our feeds we come across a gamut of videos on a multitude of topics, right from cooking to product promotion, promotion to entertainment, and entertainment to news.

Let us take a look at some interesting facts about video marketing -

1. Did you know 79% of the people would prefer watching a video to learn about a product than reading a text on a page?

Yes, with attention spans less than that of a goldfish people tend to get distracted very easily. Hence, to capture the viewer’s attention at once selecting video is better than any other form of media.

2. After Google, YouTube is the most popular search engine.

With the rising popularity of videos as a learning tool YouTube has become the second most popular search engine, given its video centric mode of action. Be it some explainer video, cooking recipe or a product demo, people prefer going by the video to understand things better.

3. Companies that promote their products via Videos yield 49% more conversions than the companies without it.

Imagine why is Cadbury Dairymilk as a brand has more recall value than the likes of Munch? Yes, it is because of its creative video ads and their engaging themes. Be it Rakhshabandhan or valentine’s day, they have a video ready to capture its viewers attention.

4. Rise in the use of Video Infographics also show the increased importance of videos over other static form of media.

The best that works in favor of a video is the sensory experience it leaves its viewers with. A smooth and continuous flow of story in-motion would explain the subject a lot better and faster than one having to read through an entire page of texts amidst pictures.

5. About 95 million videos are posted on Instagram each day and about 20 million videos on Facebook every month.

Can you believe the numbers? Yes, it is so. It is because it is easier to tell the tale and garner maximum attention with play of motion, use of colors, music, or the frame of the shot, etc. Ever seen a video promoting Redbull? It does give wings to imagination, doesn’t it!

6. About 75% of the mobile data traffic is used for watching videos across the media.

From toddlers to adults everybody has their own share of screen time. A major credit goes to the lockdown that has left us with an even heavier dependence on social media.

7. Using videos for promotion and branding is not an option anymore, it is a necessity!

Marketers these days give more emphasis on using video as a medium of promotion as the ROI of a video content speaks louder than the spend on any other media. Today 9 out of 10 companies invest in video creation to create a standing of its brand. Be it on TV, on social media, or both.

A well thought and well-conceived videos have a high chance of conversion and hence, choosing the best video production company is equally important. One such gem in the industry is Sinema Films, that has earned various awards in the field and made many big brands stand on the top of their game with their eccentric ideas, creativity, and prowess. Next time you look for video production companies, you know which door to knock.